I'm Lucas Gonzalez, illustrator, animator, and musician of sorts. Here, you can view my work, read about my current projects, and listen to music. Enjoy!
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Bantam Crisps!

I’m currently developing some preproduction materials for an advanced stop-motion class I’m teaching at RIT. Here’s a little preview of things that may be in store:
Bantam Crips Potato Chicks

Bantam Crips Potato Chicks

The students will be making one or two very-short-shorts for a mock-advertising campaign. The goal is to turn these potato chicks (Bantam means chicken) into potato chips in creative, amusing ways. These are options from five short options that I’m developing now, as I decide what the students will be able to handle in the time that they have.

Why do all the preproduction development for the students? I’ve found that the students have a difficult time deciding what they want to do. As a result, there’s hemming and hawing for way too long, and the students end up shoving all of the production into the last three weeks, and the animation into the last one week. This should help to negate that effect somewhat.

Hey! Wake up! More changes!

Hey! Wake Up!

Hey! Wake Up!

Well, once animation started, it became obvious. I became so caught up in rigging and making the rigs able to do anything, that I overdesigned the rig. There was way more in there than I needed, and due to that, there were some rig inflexibilities that were in part caused by what I thought was going to be rig flexibility. So last week, I tossed out all of my rigs and made new ones.

This coincided with a similar situation on the backgrounds, which were being a problem in ToonBoom due to color palette conflicts. I now understood what the issue was, but it wasn’t worth going through and fixing it. Starting fresh was the better choice.

So here we are, taking a few steps back, to drastically speed up the steps that are to come.